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Lucky11 | The Basics of Betting on Football !

Lucky11 | Football Betting
Lucky11 | Football Betting

Sports betting is a billion-dollar industry in the United States alone, and football is by far the most popular sport on which people bet. Every September, both at the collegiate and NFL levels, teams return to action, and sportsbooks follow suit with a complete set of betting odds for all games.

There are three basic ways to bet on football games: point spreads, total lines, and money lines. However, the action does not stop there at Lucky11, as there are numerous betting odds strategy set for football futures as well as team and player props.

Betting on Football Point Spreads

The most common way to bet on football is to use the point spreads set by the oddsmakers for the games. The favorite and underdog in each matchup are separated by a set number of points, which is often referred to as the "betting line."

Because the two basic scoring units in football are three points for a field goal and seven points for a touchdown and an extra point, many of the game point spreads are based on these two numbers and/or multiples of them. When two teams are evenly matched, it is common for the home team to be favored by three points. Still, the spread could be in the double integers, If a heavy fave is playing a big sacrifice. In the NFL, point spreads infrequently exceed 14 points, but in council football, point spreads can exceed several touchdowns.

Football point spread laying is veritably straightforward. However, they must win by a periphery lesser than the spread, If you go on the favorite. However, they must either win outright or lose by lower than the spread, If you go on the underdog. However, the bet is a drive, and no plutocrat is won or lost, If the game ends in a tie with the spread.

Betting on Total Lines

Along with a point spread, the oddsmakers set a total line for football games, which corresponds to the projected combined score of both teams. You would bet on the total line by deciding whether the actual combined score stays "under" or "over" that number.

While betting on the total line is also very simple, there are a number of factors to consider. Key injuries, field conditions, and weather conditions can all have an impact on scoring and must all be considered when making your selection.

Betting on Money Lines

Money line bets on football are not as common as point spread bets, but they can be a very profitable way to profit from the games. A money line is based on what it will cost you to bet on the favorite versus what you stand to gain by betting on the underdog. The line is based on a straight-up bet with no points and a value of 100.

If Dallas is a three-point favorite over Washington, the money line may show the Cowboys at -150 and the Redskins at +130. To win, you must risk losing $150 on a $100 bet on Dallas. You would win $130 if you bet on Washington.